A Small Token of Love

Small tokens of love blog


Small tokens of love is a great way to add romance, show gratitude, or just a way to practice random acts if kindness.

So Add Romance, created a platform for people to give small tokens of love  in the following ways:

  • Flowers and Gifts - Purchase and give an affordable or luxury item or a bouquet of flowers as a small token of love.. We have partnered with From You Flowers to get fresh flowers on time to your loved ones nationwide. All items purchased here are gift wrapped for FREE
  • Romantic Gestures -  Purchase romantic themed services such as Hotel Suite Decor, Anniversary celebrations, Planned Dates and Romantic Getaways through our parent company Add Romance
  • Paid Services -  Surprise him or her with a paid services such as a car wash, massages, dog grooming, and more.   

Whichever product or service you chose to give as a small token of love, from our experience the recipient is always surprised and usually thankful


Note: Please be patient with us, we are currently working closely with our service providers to bring these services to shoppers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you. 


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